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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

seseorang aku



Upssss!! Sorry! Assalamualaikum!

First of all, I would like to welcome en Firdaus to my blog. Hi en Firadus “welcome to my blog” hu3! This blog is called KANTA DUNIAKU. Kenape? . saje je letak name tu. Wakaka. The reason why I choose kanta duniaku is, I want to use this blog to express my opinion or anything around me in my own point of view. That’s is why I choose this title “kanta duniaku”

“pakai kanta cinta………………….. semua indah! Pakai kanta hati………………. Semua terserlah! Pakai kanta lekap…….. tak orilah”

Ok. My name is MOHD SALEHUDIN BIN MARJI. But you all boleh panggil deedy jer! I come from the small town called Kota Tinggi, Johore. It is a most peaceful place in the world for me. I don’t really care what other people wanna say about my hometown. Kampong, kecik, nothing,! Say what eva u wanna say. For me, there is no such place in the world as special as my Kota Tinggi.

In Kota Tinggi, me and my family stayed at a FELDA called Felda Bukit Waha. Luv it sooooo much! The scenery, the community, the sound, the smell. Oh……………. I really miss my home!!

I come from a big family. I have 8 siblings and me myself is the 7th. My family got a special name actually. Since we are purely ‘jawa’ people, so my father gave us (accept me actually) some kind of jawa name. hu3.

My eldest sister’s name is Marlina bte Marji

Second is my brother Marhalim bin Marji

Next is also my brother Maryadi bin Marji

The fourth and fifth is my twin sisters named Marhanina and Marhaniza Marji

Next is my sister named Maridayani Marji


And the last one is my ‘joyah’ kepoh’ sister name Marlia Marji

Don’t ask me why my name is different from the other ‘Marji’s’ coz I don’t have the answer for that question. I asked my father once, why don’t you named me Marhazimi, or Marhazidi, or Marwhateva? But he did’t answer me. But whatever it is, we, the Marji’s still dapat hidup dengan tenang n aman walaupun sekali sekala rumah tu cam nak roboh dengan suara2 riuh kami especially from my youngest sister.

I born at Hospital Daerah Kota Tinggi. 14th august 1990. It is a very ‘special’ date for me. Why I called it ‘special’? because it is the date of happiness, and it was also the date of sadness for me and my family. Actually I don’t wanna write it here but I think that everybody have a dark side or sad story in their life. So this is my story.

My birthday is also the day that my late mother passed away. I really appreciate this day because this is the day where my whole life begin. I love my mother so much. I do love her sooooooooooo much. She dedicated her life for me. And I really appreciate it. Although I felt really sad, but, this is the truth that ive to believe. And I also take this as ujian dari tuhan yang mahu menguji umat2nya. Saya terima dengan redha itu semua. Aku redha.

I don’t have an opportunity to kiss her, I don’t have an opportunity to hug her, I don’t have an opportunity to know her better, I don’t have an opportunity to say “ I love u mom” to her, I don’t have an opportunity to kiss her hand. Tapi aku redha. Although my ‘birthday party’ is always become a ‘kenduri arwah’. Aku still redha. Coz aku tahu tuhan sayang kat aku. Sebab tu Allah bagi aku seorang lagi mak yang menyayangi aku tak ubah macam anak sendiri. I love my mothers. There is no such people in this world that I love sooooo much as much as I love my mothers.

And as for my youngest sister, Lily. I love u as my sister. Although we come from a different mother, but I don’t really care about that. U are my only sister 18 years ago, now, and forever.

Hmmmmmmmmmm. I wanna stop the sad story here. Smile, smile, and smile.

Currently I am study at uitm perak in an architecture course. Why I choose this course? I don’t know the answer actually. I do love designing, but……….. i love landscape designing rather than architecture design. I love nature. I love to work with a living things such as plant and animal. That’s why I like landscape architecture. Tapi tak bermaksud saya tak suka architecture. Just kurang tertarik. Hu3.

But since I’ve become an architecture student, I wanna do my best so that I can become a good designer one day. Since tuhan da bagi jalan ni untuk aku. Aku akan teruskan. Orang kate mungkin rezeki aku kat sini agaknya. Amin.

Ape lagi nak tulis ni?????

Ok. I love art soooo much. I like movie, I like song, dance, I love to sing, drawing, poem, craft, novel, and everything about art. Art is everything for me. But, what I like the most is I to sing. I don’t really care what people wanna say about my voice. The very important thing is I enjoy and I can release my tension by sing. All the feeling will come out by sing. When I feel like happy, I will sing a happy song. When I feel unhappy, I’ll sing a sad song with a tear came out from my eyes. Wakaka. When I feel like I’m in ‘love’ I will sing a romantic song. Hu3!

The song that I love and I feel comfort to sing is a ballad song. Ive tried many other genres like rock, slow rock, ska, or even nasyid, but my voice is ‘not working’ for those songs and it also not suitable with my character and soul. So I think that the ballad song is more ‘seswai’ for me.

Beside that. I also like to make an origami. This is my hobby since I was 8. By making origami, it will train our creativity, our memory, patient and so on. The origami that I like the most is my rose origami. I learn it from the book when I was 9. The instruction inside the book is in English and I cant understand it. I try n try but it still doesn’t work. Seriously I really really really really wanna learn the step to make the rose. But in the end I still can’t make it and I cried.

At last my sister give me a dictionary and I translated the instruction to bahasa word by word. And finally I did it. And what I do is I have modified the origami into my style and it looks more beautiful than the one inside the book and I really happy. Ive also changed the step to make it so that it will be easier and simpler. And actually ive teach many of my friend to make the rose. Puas hati aku!

Ape lagi nak cite ye?

Tu je kot.

Lain kalilah sambung.

Oklah. Bye!

*please enjoy to explore my blog. Hu3 n see u next time.

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