oh belog

Saturday, December 19, 2009

am i a murderer??

do i look like a murderer????? am i a murderer??????? yes i am????????? no it is not???????

do that incident can be considered as a murder???? please don't blame me!

coz i'm fell very tired blaming myself for all my past 19 years.

enough. it is enough!

i feel that i could't take this blame anymore

just let me blame myself

just by myself

dont put any extra on it

coz im not a superhero

even peter parker was crying because of mary jane

im not strong enough

and i think i will never get stronger forever

just forgive me!!

yes. just forgive me!!

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nik comeL ;p said...

ak rse ko xya pk cam2..sbb ak bru lwt kzen ak y baby die mati dlm kndgn...mmg sedey do...ak pon y da lme xnanges ni mcm na nanges tao..mmg ksian a..ak igt kat ko..ak pk ade la hikmah bdk 2 xkua..kot2 ade pnykit y seksa khdpn die..mcm mak ko..think +ve a mak...no hal beb..go on ur life..ponter gempaq siot...3.9sumtim r8??

DEEDYmyself said...

thanks nik. aku......... aku just nak jadi normal cam org lain. but it's not as simple as i thought. bende ni selalu ade dalam pale hotak aku ni. anyway thanks. pasal pointer tu...... diam2 sudeh!